23: Dangers Of Fasting Without Medical Supervision, Healing An Egg Allergy, Stomach Pain, Delayed Menstrual Cycle, Keto And Fasting Certifications

23: Dangers Of Fasting Without Medical Supervision, Healing An Egg Allergy, Stomach Pain, Delayed Menstrual Cycle, Keto And Fasting Certifications


Veteran health podcaster, blogger, international speaker, and bestselling author Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” teams up with Toronto, Ontario Canada-based nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung from IntensiveDietaryManagement.com and Dr. Fung’s Clinical Director at his Intensive Dietary Management Program clinic Megan Ramos on this podcast dedicated to answering YOUR questions about intermittent, alternate day, and extended fasting. Jimmy and Dr. Fung are the coauthors of the 2016 international bestseller The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting and, along with Megan, are happy to provide this podcast as an additional resource for anyone curious about going on a fast to improve their health. We love hearing from our listeners with new questions–send an email to Jimmy at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. And if you’re not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE. Listen in today as Jimmy and Megan answer your questions all about fasting in Episode 23.


KEY QUOTE: “People that have been fasting and are farther along in their journey tend to opt for better quality food choices like eggs that are truly free-range.” – Megan Ramos


Here’s what Jimmy and Megan talked about in Episode 23:

Some special iTunes comments that Jimmy and Megan address at the top of the show



I’ve always had troubles with my triglycerides since I gained weight after college. When I had them tested in December, they came back at 4543 mg/dL. These results were so shockingly high that they had to do the tests twice to verify the number! In January I started researching options for lowering my triglycerides and came across intermittent fasting. I eased into it over a two-week period to get acclimated from the sugar withdrawal, along with cutting out all of the bad white foods in my diet. While I was going through this, I came The Compete Guide to Fasting audiobook. After listening, I felt confident that I was on the right track because for once the science actually made sense. So I started adding 36-hour fasts on the weekend and had my triglycerides tested again. The results came back at 748 mg/dL. I’ve also experienced a weight loss of 15 pounds. So, I just wanted to say thanks.  I’m currently listening to Keto Clarity and considering adding a ketogenic diet to my fasting.



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1. What are the specific dangers and concerns of doing a fast without medical supervision?

Hey guys,

Can you go over the dangers of doing a 7-day distilled water-only fast without any medical supervision? I am on a very tight budget and can’t really afford to go see the doctor to monitor me. When I asked my personal doctor about fasting, he said that I should monitor my urine pH levels and that if they get too acidic to stop the fast. But he didn’t say what level that is. Would you concur with this? I know you can’t endorse doing a fast without medical supervision, but for folks who are going to do it anyway, is there any advice that you can give?

Thanks for your help,


KEY QUOTE: “You can test for your level of inflammation, and if it’s elevated then both fasting and a ketogenic diet are great anti-inflammatory methodologies.” – Jimmy Moore

2. Is it possible to heal a food reactivity/allergy like eggs and dairy with a water-only fast?

Hey Jimmy and Megan,

I really really really want to permanently heal my reactivity to eggs where I experience itchy eyes, nose, lips, along with a runny nose. And I’ve done every friggin’ thing under the sun food-wise: supplements, keto, autoimmune protocol, Paleo, and fasting. At some point, my reaction to eggs inevitably returns and I need to give them up for a while. Have you seen people who have fasted permanently find success healing their reactivity to eggs and dairy? Success in my world means no symptoms or inflammation-related weight gain. I haven’t attempted a water-only fast yet and this is the next thing I would like to try. I realize this is probably going to be a long-term project and not something I’m going to knock out in two weeks. Thank you all for the encouragement and realism: progress, not perfection is my motto now.

Take care and thanks again,


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3. Is it normal to experience stomach pain that disrupts sleep when fasting for more than 24 hours?

Hey guys,

I love listening to Fasting Talk and reading your book. I’ve been IF for a year now. Started with 16/8 and then have been doing 18/6 for a long time. I’ve done a few 24 hour fasts, a 48 hour fast, and most recently a 42 hour fast for the purposes of fat loss. My question for you guys is this: Is it common to get stomach pain when fasting for more than 24 hours? It’s not hunger pangs, but feels like gastritis pain. In fact, the pain wakes me up at night it’s so bad. I don’t feel this pain when I’m eating and I only find relief from it while fasting when I drink spiced tea. Have you had any IDM patients deal with anything like this?

Thank you,


4. Does combining a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting cause a delay in the menstrual cycle or even missing a period?

Hi Jimmy and Megan,

I have been doing IF and keto for about a month and half and I love the combination because it allows me to enjoy real food when I eat and gives me excellent mental clarity. My purpose in IF and keto is to prevent Type 2 diabetes since my A1c has been 5.8 the past couple of years. I’m already seeing my blood sugar and A1c drop, so I’m very happy with my nutritional choices.

However, I do have a concern that I’ve noticed. Before my IF and keto protocol, my periods usually come every 38 days. But since I changed my diet and added fasting, it has been 46 days since my last menstrual cycle and I still have no period. Does the combination of IF and keto cause a delay in the menstrual cycle or even missing a cycle? Keto Talk and Fasting Talk are my favorite podcasts and they’ve helped me so much. Thank you for your consideration of my question.




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5. Is there a degree or certification for ketogenic diets and fasting that you can recommend to guide clients nutritionally?

Hi Jimmy and Megan,

I’m a personal trainer and want to go to school to become a registered dietician. But since my desire is to promote the ketogenic diet, I’m concerned seeing so many RDs facing backlash and possibly losing their license for going “off-script.” As a personal trainer, we are supposed to educate our clients on how to eat, but all they promote is the government-recommended low-fat diet. I also want to promote fasting to my clients, but I’m not sure whether there is a degree or certification I could obtain to properly guide my clients. Do you have any advice for a health and fitness professional like me who wants to share about keto and fasting?

Thank you for your time,



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2 responses to “23: Dangers Of Fasting Without Medical Supervision, Healing An Egg Allergy, Stomach Pain, Delayed Menstrual Cycle, Keto And Fasting Certifications”

  1. Monika says:

    Monika here: Thanks for answering my question. As it turned out I had H.Pylori that caused my stomach pain. Have been put on antibiotics for 2 weeks by my Dr. I’ve done longer fasts since then with no stomach pain. The tea I was drinking which helped up to a certain point, was turmeric, black pepper, ginger, camomile tea. I’m still eating keto, and doing IF and eF, changing it up depending on how I feel. Thanks again for all your great work!

  2. Fr. Tom Pomeroy says:

    My Trigs went from 800 to 63. This was from fasting, and my non-fasting diet was whole foods plant based.